Thursday, 28 April 2016

Autumn | Winter 2017 / 18 - Trend Magazine - For Sale!

My Autumn | Winter 2017 / 18 - Kidswear Trend Magazine is now availiable to purchase in PDF format (click here to e mail me for a PayPal invoice to purchase the PDF) and in magazine format (click here to purchase from 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Autumn | Winter 2017 / 18 - Trend Magazine - Press Release!

Here is the press release for my Autumn | Winter 2017/18 trend Magazine:

For more info please e mail me at

To order from Blurb click here.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Autumn | Winter 2017 / 18 - Trend Magazine - For Sale!

I am really happy to announce my Autumn | Winter / 2017 / 18 is now available to purchase.  I was originally going to wait until June until its release creating an all singing and all dancing website to purchase it from - however, there already seems to be quite a demand for it so I though I should just release it and aim to get the website up and running later in the year rather than making everyone wait!

You can preview a few pages from the magazine below:

Autumn | Winter 2017/18 - Kidswear Trend Magazine
Autumn | Winte...
By Emily Kiddy
Photo book

You can purchase the magazine version at click here to get to shop.  Or you can purchase the PDF by e mailing me here and I can invoice you via PayPal and send out to you in 24 hours.  Please cont contact me at for any queries you may have.
I'm releasing this at the earliest opportunity so I don't yet have a proper press release or images to accompany the publication but these will be available in the next few weeks so please check back!

Here is some information about the book and trends to get you started:


Welcome to the third edition of my kidswear trend magazine.  This season we are looking ahead to Autumn | Winter 2017/18.

I am so pleased to be publishing the third edition and see the trend magazine grow in popularity and size!  After the first two editions which were a lot about trial and promotion, I am pleased to share this third edition, where all trends appear exclusively in the trend magazine only, with just the photoshoot promotion appearing on the blog and social media.  I am still hoping to grow the magazine over the coming seasons and would love any comments and suggestions going forward from you so please pass them on (contact details at inside rear cover) 

I just want to thank all my regular (and new) purchases for your continued support and hope you find this edition an inspiration for you design work!


Like all my publications, this magazine contains five separate trends.  However, unlike other seasons, each of these trends is split up into seven separate trend boards.  Each begins with a NEW fabric focus board before going into the main trend boards which are now ALL split into Older, Younger and Baby/Layette for both Boys and Girls. There is also a Christmas Focus board for boys and girls too.

We start the season off with a really bright, bold, colourful and fun trend transitioning the Summer trends into Autumn.  This trend named ‘School Room’ has a really bright and modern feel for girls whereas the boys has a more retro collegiate and heritage sports twist.

We then move into the early Autumn trend ‘Woodland Trail’ that takes inspiration for the palette from the change of seasons in October and the beautiful colours that burst into life before making way for the dark of winter.  Think woodland adventures, discovery and things you would find on a walk in the woods influencing print and pattern for both boys and girls.

We then move to our first Winter trend ‘Industrial Revolution’ which is a sophisticated boutique range inspired by the British Victorian era and the development of industrialisation at this time.  Typographical prints are key for both boys and girls with work wear style influencing boys shapes and traditional lace and frills appearing in pretty girls pieces.  The palette of greys with highlights of blues and mauves give this a really sophisticated look for the season.

In mid Winter we introduce ‘Nordic Fjord’ which is inspired by the tough and challenging outdoor working conditions of life in the Fjords.  Taking inspiration from fishing and trawlers, yellow becomes the key colour here mixed with typical nautical blues.  Hand painted animals, typography and embroidered knits are key.

Finally, as winter draws to a close we see ‘Arctic Dream’ finish the season off with palette influence taken from the landscapes of the Arctic.  For older kids, this takes on a really edgy feel and a really beautiful and delicate influence is given to younger styling.  Think soft faux furs, knits and marls with hand drawn allovers and soft characters for younger styles and typographic and edgy photographic animals as key prints for older kids.

We end the season with two ‘Christmas Focus’ boards offering inspiration for boys and girls print as the season draws a close around the festive period.  These print trends also take on an edgy feel following on from Arctic Dream with a predominantly black and white palette warmed with grey and gold for girls! 

For further information or to talk to me about design constancy enquiries please contact me at  You can also get more regular creative updates by following Emily on social media too!

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