Friday, 18 May 2012

Trend Update - Spring Summer 2012 - Summer Sailing

Back in november 2010 I blogged about a trend I predicted called Summer Sailing for Spring/Summer 2012.  Well Spring/Summer 2012 is now upon us and the shops have lots of beautiful nautical themes garments in store as I predicted!  Here are my top 10 favourite summer sailing themed boys T-shirts that I have discovered while doing some recent research.
1. Levis 2. Mexx 3. J Crew 4.Osh Kosh 5. Darcy Brown 6. Esprit 
7. John Lewis 8. Barbour 9. Benetton 10. Osh Kosh

This is something new I am adding to my blog and I intend to follow up all my trend stories with a 'whats in store' post in the future along with other new trends I see while researching.  Keep posted over the next few days for similar posts.

Click here to view my original trend board post from back in November 2010 of the Summer Sailing Trend.

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