Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Girls Trend - Spring Summer 2014 - Imagination

Here is another trend for Spring/Summer 2014 titled
Here is the Girls version.

Imagination looks at how we interpret things from the past in our world today.  The graphics are inspired by how we want to give things we create today a nostalgic feeling/look similar to how we imagine we saw them through our childhoods eyes.

With apps like instagram we can transform an images we take today and give it this effect by applying an instant filter.  Its like looking at the world through rose tinted glasses.  Graphics in this trend will be created in the same way.

Living in a worldwide recession today where people find there are few prospects and are sceptical about the future we instead enjoy looking back at times when things seemed more positive and prosperous.  This is the feeling this trend wants to personify. 

For girls this trend sees a soft feminine vintage pastel palette.  Delicate hand drawn vintage effect graphics build up the range.  Iconic technological icons of the eighties make an appearance in a fun and nostalgic way.

I personally love this trend and can't wait to get started on designing some prints under the theme!

Key Themes

Eighties Technology

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Image Credits:

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Venkat said...

Hey emily i really admire your work and planning to work on your ss 12 imagination.I would like you to correct the spelling on the ss 12 imagination trend board as its spelt wrong.once again i love your work and keep doing what you do :D

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