Thursday, 7 February 2013

Brazil Trend - Spring/Summer 2014

Last year I posted a trend for Spring/Summer 2014 titled Carnival Brizileno.  The trend is inspired by all things Brazilian as the worlds eye focuses in on the country for the Football word cup and the forthcoming olympic games. There are already graphics in store that are starting to be inspired by this upcoming mega trend. Here are some of my top picks found in store this January.

Click here to see my original trend board.

Key Themes:

Primary Colours
Exotic Birds
Rio Posters
Spray Painting
Bold Decorative Typography
Bold Pattern

Image Credits:

1, 2. Desigual 3,4,5. Next 6. Juicy Couture 7. Desigual 8. Osh Kosh 9. next 10,11. Desigual 

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