Monday 13 March 2017

NEW!! [K.I.D.S] Autumn | Winter 2018/19_Kidswear Trend Publication - FOR SALE!

It's that time of year again - another season has passed and we here at [K.I.D.S] Ltd, after months of hard work, are ready to release and sell our Autumn|Winter 2018/19 Kidswear Trend Publication.

Like with all issues you can purchase the PDF by e mailing me at OR for £150 (invoiced via paypal)OR you can purchase the hardcopy via click here to view bookshop.

Click HERE to see a taster of a few of the 100+ pages.

The trend publication has 5 trend stories each split into 6 separate trend stories: 3 for boys and 3 for girls split into specific age categories: Baby/layette, Younger and Older.  There are also 2 x Christmas focus boards too.  Each trend also has a fabric focus board AND out NEW print and Pattern focus pages too!

Thats well over 100 pages of trend information!

This issue we are happy to have added a print and pattern inspiration page to all our 6 trend stories by collaborating with designers from rise and shine design studio.

Also available to purchase are:

Spring | Summer 2018

Autumn | Winter 2017/18

For purchase please e mail me at OR or you can purchase online the hardcopies from blurb - click here to view bookshop.

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Laura said...

Who Hoo! This is great! Congratulations.

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