Tuesday, 27 March 2018

[K.I.D.S] Autumn | Winter 2019/20 Kidswear Trend Publication - AVAILABLE NOW!!!

[K.I.D.S] Autumn | Winter 2019/20 Kidswear Trend Publication - AVAILABLE NOW!!!

[K.I.D.S] Ltd currently has four trend books for sale: Autumn | Winter 2019/20Spring | Summer 2018Autumn Winter 2017/18 and Spring | Summer 2017.  Each costs £150 for the PDF (hard copy also available at blurb- see below) and is invoiced via Paypal.  Click here to e mail me for more details.  

  Each book contains over 30 separate trend boards split into older, younger and baby/layette age groups with separate boards for boys and girls.  You can preview a few pages from each of the books by clicking here and viewing in my bookshop on blurb.

In this new addition we have also added a print and pattern page with prints designed by designers at rise design and shine.


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