Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Children Book Illustration: Sailor Simon and his silly Talking Seagull!

Over the past few months I have been writing my own stories for my two children Alfred and Elsie aged three and two respectively. The stories are based on their own family member's and true events that have taken place (enhanced a little!)  I had great fun illustrating these stories so I thought I would share them on the blog.

This story is 'Sailor Simon and his silly talking Seagull' based on the children's Grandfather (my husbands father)  Unlike the other stories I have written, this one has more of a sad side to it which I have tried to enhance with humour!  

Their grandfather has been suffering with alcohol addiction which has got considerable worse over the past five years.  It has resulted in him leaving the family last September to live on his own.  Before this, he had spent lots of time with the children and Alfred in particular (being a bit older) had become really fond of 'Grandad Simon'

Sadly, since Simon's departure he has spent little time visiting his grandchildren and makes little effort to keep in touch which has posed many questions from Alfred.  Although I don't want to directly go into all the details with the children regarding why they don't see Grandad anymore I also don't believe in hiding 'facts of life' from them either.  Therefore they do understand some of the reasons why he left but we have embellished the storey with some fantasy of Grandad on his boat which has made the tale a little lighter.

Like all these books I have also translated it into a short film PLEASE NOTE: as I said I have not hidden the real facts from the children so this video does contain alcohol as a warning!

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