Tuesday, 31 March 2020

***Blog Hiatus!*** Corona Virus and my blog!

OK so things have changed slightly since I last posted on here!  Firstly, I hope everyone that follows my blog posts is staying healthy and coping with this crazy situation as best you can? I also hope your family and friends are doing well too and you are finding new ways to catch up with them?

I'm now trying to run my business (at a very limited service), home school the children and complete all the normal daily activities all from the confines of our home (excluding the 1 hour of exercise we are allowed to leave home for here in the UK currently)

Trying to take the positives from a really unusual situation I have found myself with the gift of time.  I have time to spend with my children (I actually miss them when they are at school and don't feel I get to spend enough quality time with them) I have time to walk alone - I try to get out and walk the furthest distance I can in the 1 hour we are allowed out here in the UK.  I'm managing to achieve 4 or 5 miles which conveniently is usually spot on the 10,000 recommended steps.  I'm also a thinker and this time alone fills me with creative ideas and allows me to sort out things in my head that may be worrying me.  I have time to do activities - I've dusted off my sewing machine, got my paints out, created a new veggie patch, planted loads of seeds, cooked homemade fresh foods daily, camped out in the spare room, foraged foods from the hedgerows and fields by my house and its only the second week.  I've always dreamed of living a more simpler life connecting with the land, my children and finding time to enjoy just being at home.  

Most surprisingly I'm watching very little TV.  I'm not a big TV watcher anyway but would usually watch maybe an hour or 2 each evening.  Instead, after I put the children to bed I'm cooking a decent meal, crafting and drawing and doing yoga, pilates and meditation daily for at least 30 minutes - I love it!  

I'm actually not stressed - sure if I watch the news I get anxious about the situation but I try to only watch the 4pm major update then switch it off.  Everything that exists outside my front door is out of my control and it is for everyone - it's almost too much!  I know there's nothing I can do (other than stay home)  So there's no point stressing - I just have to take what I can from a difficult situation - and to my surprise I am!

Which brings me to why I'm putting my blog on hiatus - no business, trend or fashion stuff but a place to share activities, crafts and recipes Im successfully trying out at home.  Don't worry - it won't be forever - hopefully normal service will resume very soon for all our sakes!  But fro now I hope you can enjoy a different kind of blog post and maybe find it of use / interest!

Here are a few highlights from the past week:

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