Monday, 4 January 2016

Spring | Summer 2017 - Introduction to Trends

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A note from the Author Emily Kiddy.

Welcome to the second edition of my seasonal kidswear Trend Magazine.  This season we are looking ahead to Spring | Summer 2017!

This season we embark on a journey around the globe taking colour and inspiration from a range of cultures and traditions.  We start the season by looking at a pre-spring transitional trend that draws inspiration from a mix of southern USA and Mexican cultures inspired by ranch life and work wear.  This trend has a beautiful organic earthly tone colour palette inspired by the warmth and agricultural environments in these two areas.  These palettes are beautifully suited to lightweight knits and twills you might find at this point in the season.

As we head into early spring, our nautical inspired trend ‘Spring Tide’ is introduced with a typical nautical palette mixed with fun fresh hues and highlights to modernise it taking it away from the traditional sea of Breton stripes and typical nautical prints we have seen in the past!  This trend filters beautifully through older, younger and baby boys and girls.

We then zoom into our summer trends with our first stop inspired by the USA state of Florida and its mix of funky, fun and quirky Miami influences for girls and a more soft laid back influence from Key West and surf cultures for Boys.  This is a really fun laid back trend with a bright hazy colour palette to give kidswear a lift for the Summer season.

Next we look at the United Kingdom drawing influence from the busy bustling streets of London and the melting pot of cultures, languages, food and colour that becomes so vibrant and signature of the city in the height of the summertime.  Portobello Belle for girls and Shoreditch Dude for boys are both really fun bright colour clash trends with a nod towards sport and street wear styling.  In these trends anything goes as long as it’s fun, bold and vibrant!

Our final trend for the season is ‘Tropica’ for both boys and girls and ties up the long season with a toned down colour palette with deeper tones ready for the introduction of new layering pieces as the seasons begin to switch again.  Influenced by tropical island life worldwide and the remoteness of so many of these destinations that become often busy over the summer with tourism.  Think back beach palms, drinking from coconuts, street foods and a mix of bright colours.  This is a really beautiful trend to end the season with.

I hope you enjoy all the trends I have created for this season as much as I have enjoyed putting them together!  I would also like to thank you for purchasing my trend magazine and hope that it inspires you with lots of creative ideas! 

To find out more about me and how I came up with the idea of my trend magazine please see the rear cover of the magazine.  

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