Monday, 28 January 2013

Fashion Illustration .4 - Self Portrait!

Ok so week four is a little bit of a cheat - I have been cooped up in doors all last week, all weekend (and today!) with my third major cold of 2013.  Januarys not been my month so I am very much looking forward to the start of February at the end of the week! So I didn't get the time to do a 'real' fashion Illustration last week but as some of you may of noticed I have spruced my blog up a bit!  I though it needed to be brough more up to date and look a little more grown up!  I've kept it simple and done a little illustration of me at work.  Although it's not a 'fashion illustration' it's still an illustration - so this week I bring you me.  

Hopefully this week I'll fight of the last of this cold and will post something a little more exciting next week!.

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