Thursday, 3 January 2013

Girls - Cats and Dogs Theme - Spring/Summer 2014

Raining cats and dogs is a saying I think everyone in the UK can relate to lately and it doesn't stop outdoors!  Girls wear collections everywhere have some really cute cat and dog character prints.  Here are some of my top picks from this trend seen in stores this January 2013.

Keep posted form more of my Autumn/Winter 2012 shop report.

Key Trends:

Glitter Print
Print Fills
Hand Drawn
Dress Up

Image Credits:

1. Old Navy 2. Matalan 3. Old Navy 4. Monnalisa 5. GAP 6. Next 7. Little Paul and Jo 8. Old Navy 9. Matalan 10. Osh Kosh 11. Rykiel Infant 12. Chloe

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