Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Boys - Gone Fishing Trend - Spring/Summer 2013

I have come across a recent boys trend theme of 'Gone Fishing' which adds a fresh feel to the ever popular nautical stories.  Here are some of my favourite t-shirts that fit into this trend.

Key Trends

Sea Creature Silhouettes with text fills
Stipes with pop colours

1. Cabo Cado 2. J Crew 3. Malau 4. Next 5. Scotch and Soda 6. Next 7. Next 8. Carters 9. Guess 10. J Crew

To find a list of websites and blogs I find inspiring click on my new Inspiration Directory link to the right of the page.


rebecca said...

Emily, just stumbled across your FAB blog today and I'm just in love with your style and your designs!! So much fun to be your brand newest follower!! :)

Emily Kiddy said...

Thanks Rebecca! I've been following your blog for a while now - its just beautiful :)

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