Friday, 8 June 2012

My Best Friends Wedding!

Today my best friend is getting married! 

I wanted to make her a wedding card that would remind her of her special day.  I decided to create a picture consisting of various elements of the day.  I included the church where they are getting married, the house at reception venue, a water tower thats near her family home, a romany caravan that people would be staying over night in,  the gates to the church and some ducks and bicycles that reflect the couples interests.  I made this into a little poster that I put into a frame that marks the date they get married along with some fun other icons.

Below is a few photos of the actual poster.

In the evening the rest of my family including my parents and my sister would be joining us to celebrate at the reception.

My whole family is creative so I decided we would all make postcards of our own artworks that we could each individually write our own personal wedding messages on.

This one is by my mother who does lots of paintings of animals and stylised landscapes.

This is a painting my father did a few years back of the church my friend is getting married in.  My father does lots of paintings of landscapes, houses, people and animals and more!

He has a small website and blog showcasing some of his works.

This is a painting my sister did of one of our dogs Billy.

I decided to do a small watercolour painting of the little scene I created for mine.

On the back of each postcard I made two little postage mark stamps that relate to their day.  In the centre I wrote their names, place of marriage and the date.  I also put the name of the painting and who it is by at the bottom.

I also create quite a lot of personalised wedding stationery.  I will be putting some of these up on my blog in the near future to share. 

For information on stationery commissions please get in touch.  Click here to e mail for information.



what a talented family and a lovely idea to treasure x

Angharad said...

Totally recommend Emily for use for wedding stationery! She produced great things for us and everyone loved them - unique, individual, colourful and classy!

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