Friday, 29 June 2012

Noah's Ark Prints Part Six

Today is the last post from my Noah's Ark self brief project.  I decided to place some of my favourite characters into mock greetings cards.  These are only mock ups if I were to create them for real I would probably give them a hand drawn feel or maybe even paint them?

I hope at some stage, not too far into the future, I will play with these characters again.  Maybe I will take them to the next stage and make them hand drawn and more delicate looking.  I will keep you updated!

I have a busy week ahead as I start to look at Autumn/Winter 2013/14!  I will be working on trend boards over the next week before I start designing prints.  I will share my research once it is all ready!  Next week I will be sharing on my blog some actual designs where I have had to create characters for.

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