Friday, 22 June 2012

Noah's Ark Prints - Part One - Baby's Bed Set

I mentioned in yesterdays post that I would be posting a new character project today.  Here is the first of six posts from my  'Noah's Ark' character range.

I set this project for myself to practise my character drawing.  Over the next week I will be posting a different print from this range each day.  Today is a baby's bed cover set.

Character drawing is something I'm always being asked to do as a children's print designer. At first it really didn't come naturally to me (see my old character design post as an example!) I was always creating awkward looking not very cute creations!

  However, as time has passed and I've put more practise into the area, things have improved! There is definitely a good move on since the days of my farm animal characters I posted yesterday - I think!  

I set this Noah's Ark project for myself so I couldn't escape creating lots of cute animals (the options were endless!)  Over the next week I will be sharing these creations on the blog.  A lot of the products are unfinished, it was more a self briefed project to practise character drawing.

I will also go into more detail about the value of self briefed projects to practise areas of weakness too.

The week following my Noah's Ark prints I will be showing some recent 'real life' designs where I have had to create lots of different character designs.

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