Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunshine at Sea

Last weekend we took our little boat out to the River Orwell just near Ipswich on the East Coast.  It was the first weekend we had seen the sunshine for weeks and weeks so it was real treat to get outside and enjoy it!  Here our a few of my favourite snaps I got from our day out!

I thought this boat looked really beautiful with the wood almost looking Orange and standing out so beautifully against the lovely blue sky that we hadn't seen in so long.

On our way out to sea from the River Orwell we passed the huge and busy port of Felixstowe where there were lots of shipping containers coming in.  I thought the red of this one with all its colourful containers looks so nice.

Just a lovely Buoy we passed that stood out on the murky Estuary waters and against the golden wheat fields of the land behind.

Here I just loved the reflection of this boat on the sea and the strip of yellow sandy beach in the background.  It really was such a treat to see the sun out!

Here just for fun our little Jack Russell - Captain Tilly taking charge at the front of the boat .... very cute!

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happy jax


hennymats said...

those are really fun pictures! Love the dog on the boat and the ones with the red against the blue and white.

Kate said...

Beautiful pictures! Gorgeous colors especially the reds!

Tito Eric said...

That's a cool boat! And what a collection of shots you took while aboard.


Tito Eric

That black and white photograph (2nd from top) is a treasure ... as if a poster for a movie. I love it!


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