Monday, 2 July 2012

The Norfolk Show

Last week we were lucky enough to get a few warm days if a little breezy.  After working the whole of last weekend I decided to take the Thursday off and go the Royal Norfolk Show near Norwich.  Here are a few picture I managed to snap of the cow judging competition.

Here is an extra shot I got when taking the dog for a walk last week.  I took it on a walk down the railway footpath going towards our local village of Six Mile Bottom.

I'm also very proud to say I had my picture feature on the Simple as That Blog with my poppy field picture from last weeks post British Summer Time.  Click here to see the post!

Crazy Days of Summer


rebecca said...

Awe, I have a soft spot in my heart for cows as I grew up on a farm! love your photos each week Emily...look forward to stopping by your blog. :) Tell me, what are you doing to process these images? Love the vintage feel! :)

Emily Kiddy said...

Ahh thanks Rebecca - I grew up on a farm too and just love cows too!

I take most of my picture on my i phone as its always to hand, quick and easy!

To edit my pictures I mainly use an app called Snapshot which pretty much has everything you need to edit picture with all in one app. I would definitely recommend it if you are just going to buy one app and its a bargain at only a couple of $/£'s

Emily Kiddy said...

Oppps I mean snapseed not snapshot - too early in the morning here!

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