Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Blog Discovery - Lily Moon - The Aviary Keeper

Following on from yesterdays post on my recent blog discoveries.  Today I feature Lily Moon - The Aviary Keeper.

Originally the blog started off as Lily Moon then the writer Lea created a new blog the Aviary Keeper which is where I found lots of beautiful inspiration for my bird trend.

Lea lives on the island of St Francis, one of the many tiny isles that make up an otherworldly mosaic on Lazuli Ocean... Aged only 13, from the day her young hands were strong enough to open the heavy lock on the door to the Aviary Garden, her work has been to take care of the Aviary and its colourful residents...Now a grown woman, when not taking care of day to day chores she spends her time studying the nature of birds and her environment. These drawings are from her personal collection of notebooks...essentially fragments of her feelings and her world.

Take a look at both these blogs they are absolutely beautiful!

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