Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Blog Discovery - Nancy Standlee

I mentioned in my bird inspired posts earlier in the month how my research had lead me to discover lots of new and exciting blogs.  I had intended to blog about these at the end of that week but things have got so busy I had to hold off on it for a while.

  Usually I add blogs I discover to my blog link but I have found a few recently that have to be shared in more depth.

I will be sharing a few over the next few days!

 The Nancy Standlee Art Blog

Nancy Standlee's blog has been a great discovery!  I came across Nancy's blog while searching for 'collage bird' inspiration. Some of her art quickly popped up and I literally got caught up exploring her blog for ages!

The blog showcases her acrylic, collage, mixed media and watercolour paintings.  It shows her progress with her personal art and collaborative work.  It also includes recommendations about blogging, books, workshops and art supplies (although Nancy is US based so maybe a bit of a tripe to get these supplies for us here in the UK)

Here are a few of my favourites!

"Ready to Crow"
Painted Paper Mixed Media Collage
by Nancy Standlee

"Feed the Birds"
A bird collage with hand painted papers

"Hight Heel Shoe" 

Click here to visit Nancy's website.

1 comment:

Michelle Drew said...

Thanks for sharing, I love finding new inspiring blogs and have spent a happy tea break reading yours too!

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